Friday, August 20, 2010

The Goodbye Letters.

College will be taking away a lot of my friends tomorrow.
These are their goodbye letters.

to Brock Duclos and Kenton Crandall,

First, to brock. My across the street neighbor. I don't know much to say to you other than
that you are a cool kid. There is nothing else to it. I won't forget all the campouts we went on.
or the lack of. You are a genius. keep it up.
Second, Kenton. Oh kenton. My zions trip buddy. You too are a simply a cool kid and I will miss
our chats about Van dijk. Please keep calling him while he is lecturing. It gives the class spice.
I am sure that I will still be seeing you two around sometimes. Mostly because you both live on
my street. Feel free to pay me a visit. See ya later boys.

To Palmer Clegg,

Palmer palmer palmer. I can still kick your trash in a Rainbow Road race. Don't you forget that. We met in spanish. It was good times. You too suffered through Calculus with me but we still made it fun. Be good in college. Don't break any long boards. Adios. Palmer Clegg.

to Haydn Owens,

Haydn! You will be missed. Your Office quotes. Your Car crayons. Your everything, mostly. I don't know what else to say to you other than goodbye. Merrh. Have fun in logan? without me. bye Haydn Owens.

to Megan Baldridge, Baldhead,

I still can't believe you left without saying goodbye. but I will be visiting you soon enough.
Good thing you are in St.George and I visit often. I can't wait to be able to come to your college
parties. Oh megan. We did it. We survived Calculus. Hallelujah. I'm not going to lie. I enjoyed
you being in my studies skills class. It made it interesting. also you were the best TA. I will
miss you. Don't fear. Goodbye, Megan Baldridge.

To Tessa Sheffield,

I have a feeling that you are going to be the one who makes all your roommates food. Basically because you are a fantastic cook. I wouldn't know two things if I didn't know you.
One: that crepes can still be delicious filled with tomatoes and cheese, not just fruit. and two: Bang! I will miss coming over to your house to watch a movie in the backyard or just play bang! all night. word of advice? try not to correct your professors. even though you probably know more than them. so for the last time, Bang! goodbye, Tessa.

To Summer Jones,

Don't forget me when you own the Suns. I can't wait to see how successful you will be in five years. I submit that you will be one of the best accountants in the state of (insert the state you will be living in in five years here). I will miss singing Hope of America, running away from Satan, and playing Bang! with you. You are the one who got me addicted to good frozen yogurt. and I thank you for that. Don't make fun of your roommates noses. and don't forget to have fun
in college. Goodbye Summer Jones.

to Lauren Bellon,

Oh the times we have had. Good and bad. How many dances did we go to? Sweater Swing. Homecoming. That was it, right? I think you tried to kill me at both of those. Throwing me on the floor and making me do a wheel barrow. Bad idea... Last summer was probably the best of times though, wouldn't you say? Ireland. Otter Pops. Toilet Papering. what?? Well I am going to sure miss those times and I am sad that we missed a few other opportunities to become
better friends. You too will have no problem in college. My only advice is to not have too much fun without me. Maybe you will even learn how to roll your r's. Bye Lauren Bellon.

to Lexi, Alexis, Morticai,

Cousin. Thats how close we are. I can't believe you won't be there for sunday dinners anymore. Or go to midnight showings of stupid movies. Or even carve soap together. Our time spent has truly been good times. I will be watching the Goofy Movie and re-runs of Boy Meets World in your memory. I still need to buy you a I Heart Feeny shirt. and make you a celery poster. They will come in due time. Anyways, you will be great in college. Im not worried a bit about you. So long, Morticai, Alexis, Lexi

I will miss every single one of you who is going off to college.
and for all of you who didn't get a letter. Don't take it personally.
and don't forget the times we have had.



  1. i almost cried. last summer really was the best summer of my life. thanks. i'll miss you.

  2. Seems you people are enjoying a lot! awesome letters.

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