Sunday, June 27, 2010


Guess who got a ticket to the midnight showing of The Last Airbender?
This guy.

I'm pretty excited. If you can't tell.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I have been at scout camp all week.
and I am happy to announce my arrival back home!
It was great. and I have many stories to tell.
be patient.
the time will come to tell them.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summer. i am content with you.

evan goes to scout camp.
my family and his go to seven peaks.
mckenna and i get crushed repeatedly by tubes in the lazy river.
we have fun with our new friend john the lifeguard.
he has an abnormally deep voice.
and says our brains will bake if we go underwater in the hot tub.
his name isn't really john. i am convinced.
boys wink at me. four times.
colleen and i almost tip inside the cave in.
we lay out. and burn.
colleen takes me home. and we talk about weddings.
she can probably plan mine.
that was a good day.
evan. feel free to come home now. please.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


it's official. we are employed.
we start today.
be there.
we'd love to chat and hook you up.
it's buy one get one free all day.
you must try this divine icy treat.
it is one of a kind.
and it will be love at first bite.
no lie.
tell your friends.
all six of you that read this.
that is all thank you.

Friday, June 18, 2010

are you getting fresh with me?

i like when it's jo's birthday. so evan and i have a good reason to bake a cake.
i like going to macey's and only buying a small box of blue jello, one tootsie roll, and a pack of gum.
i like when we throw a weird smelling blanket on jo's head the second she walks in the door.
i like finding fun disneyland rides on a corner. and riding them.
i like when we go bowling and i get 5 gutter balls in a row.
i like when i can only get a strike when no one is around to see.
i like when all the girls have to use bumpers. but evan and brendan are real men.
i like singing love drunk at the top of my lungs with evan and cailey. when there's no music.
i like walking into jdubs and seeing a certain handsome returned missionary that i crushed on in junior high. and probably he thinks i stalk him.
i like fries and hot fudge peanut butter shakes.
i like when brendan is trying to move his feet away from cailey's foot advances, but he ends up playing footsie with me instead.
i like cailey. she's all about getting fresh.
i like when evan and cailey almost kiss awkardly in leon. while i'm driving. it's uncomfortable.
i like when we go to the tower. and we have to go down the slide in a train in case there's a hobo at the bottom.
i like singing miley cyrus and when cailey gets fresh with the pole.
i like wednesdays.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Evan. Brendan. Clari. and Jo.
play avatar.

July 1st can't come fast enough

sugar high.

today me and diana went into work to train.
and trained we did.
what happened was we learned how to shave ice. right off the block. there were about 7 employees practicing so together we made approximately 35 shaved ice. most went to waste but all of the ones i made were eaten. i think i had 4. i don't really remember. but let me tell you they were delicious.

i can't wait to start work.
so you guys can experience tropical sno as well.
- Evan

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

marcus robert

my little brother is pretty durn cool.

i'll admit, at times, i was slightly worried for him. growing up as the only boy with four sisters can be rough. but I think he's gonna be ok. mostly because my dad makes sure that he knows everything about every sport there is. and he plays them all too.
i admire his ambition. he has his whole life planned out.
he'll play every sport in high school, (and plans on being the star of every team)
he'll get good grades so he can get a scholarship to BYU.
(his words, not mine)
he'll play football at BYU, and probably basketball too.
he will go on a mission, Spanish speaking, because my mom would love if one of us learned her native tongue.
then, he will get married in the temple, and have 6 boys.
and live happily ever after.

so I made the last part up. i don't know how many kids he wants to have. but I'm sure he'll want boys.
but still. he's planned his life out farther than I have. and i'm 9 years older than him. my goodness. i need to get a move on.

he's a pretty talented child. he's real good at sports, just started playing piano and the cello. also, he plays the ukulele.

what a stud.

plus also. he's super funny. makes me laugh erryday. he came up to me the other day and we had the following conversation. i about peed.

marcus: did you know I'm growing a mustache?
diana: cool bud....
marcus: i also have some chest hairs!
he promptly ran through my home flailing his arms and yelling,
"i'm going through puberty!"

yep. he'll do just fine in high school.

Monday, June 14, 2010

"This night's a perfect shade of Dark Blue"

Jack's Mannequin. One of my favorite bands.They wrote one of my favorite songs.
Dark Blue.
If you haven't heard it before you should check it out.

Jack. Come back to concert soon.


10:30 rolled around and I got a creepish text that says, Are you awake? I had been watching all of my favorite Food Network shows that only come on television sunday nights, so I was up. Outside was parked a green car with organ music blasting out of the windows. I got in the car. Right then another passenger started telling me to eat the cookies that they had given me.
They smelled great. But tasted... well lets just say I only had one bite before my mouth went numb. They said that the cookies were homemade with love. One of the bakers had even gotten burnt in the process. I felt something gurgle in my stomach but I'm pretty sure it wasn't love.
My trip to the car was almost over when they wanted me to go with them to torture other children with the terrible cookies that they had made. I obliged. A few minutes later we had arrived at another chaps house. He was then forced to eat the cookies as well. and hated them. The driver and other passenger happened to love them. After listening to Nacho Libre noises we kicked the new comer out and i was finally taken home. It was 11:45. A whole hour spent with my kidnappers. I have to say that I enjoyed it. So thanks for the cookies ladies. It's the thought that counts. But next time how about I help you bake them? and the creepy organ music isn't doing anything to boost your popularity.

- Evan

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Johanna Donaldson.
She is my friend.
Here are some things i like about her.
1. She always has to pee. Always. This isn't a joke. I'm pretty sure that she has a small bladder, drinks alot, or has a UTI.
2. She wants to be granola and travel the world. and get dreads. gross.
3. She is always up for Taco Amigo and watching the World Cup with me.

You are cool Jo. Let's stay friends.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

'Arry Potta

We are obsessed. completely, and utterly obsessed. with these folks.

because of these books

We have envied these characters lives for quite some time now and wrote a bucket list of things we would do if we could spend one day in their shoes

1. Be sorted by "the sorting hat."
2. Take Potions, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, etc.
3. Fly on a broom preferably "firebolt."
4. Take a midnight trip to the forbidden forest with hagrid.
5. Enjoy butterbeer at the three boomsticks.
6. Sneak into the prefects bathroom to use the bathtub.
7. Attend a Quidditch match and scream my guts out while wearing a lion head.
8. Watch a triwizard tournament in person.
9. Fall in love with a weasley.
10. Meet fluffy, the three headed dog. When it's asleep of course.
11. Visit Dumbledores and Dobbys grave.
12. Find Voldemort and Hedwigs body.
13. Ride on a hypogriff.
14. Attend a Yule Ball.
15. Find the chamber of secrets and take basilisk fangs from it.
16. Get a wand from Olivanders.
17. Have contests to see who can get closest to a dementor without getting kissed.
18. Be involved with D.A.
19. Go to Godric's Hollow.
20. Wear Harry's invisibility cloak.
21. Torture Umbridge with an unforgivable curse.
22. Get Bellatrix to teach us all of her moves.
23. Make an Unbreakable Vow.
24. Find out what Death Eaters are up to now that Voldemort is dead.
25. Have a conversation with Luna Lovegood and dress up, like everyday is halloween.
26. Try out for the Quidditch team.27. Give someone a love potion.
28. Figure out what my patronus is.
29. Whip up a Felix Felicis.
30. Visit the shrieking shack through the whomping willow.

That is just a few of the things we would want to do in the Wizarding World
Speaking of Wizarding World guess where we are going?!

We don't know when yet but we will go. We will get sorted, be chosen by wands, and drink butter beer. We are thinking of going for spring break next year. Not thinking. Planning. Anyone else in?

Diana is reading the seventh book for the 5th time.
"I just pick up new things everytime I read it, it's like reading the scriptures." -Diana
The new movie trailer came out! We're super stoked. and counting down the days.

We love you, 'Arry Potta. and your friends also.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Last night we attended a fire. Ben Wilson was in attendance. He had some funny things to say...

"If you are talking about the food, the yes, spanking is delicious."
"It's like a massage for the throat and mouth"
"Did you murder the guy? No. That's why!"
"Have we invaded Iran today?"

Give it up for Ben! Hip Hip Hooray!

So this morning I woke up to my mom pestering me to clean. I have pretty much sanitized our whole house. I even organized the DVD's in alphabetical order.

P.S. read Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It's hilarious.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

burnt. to a crisp.

I went to the pg pool for the first time this summer. it was great fun. except for the fact that i got burnt.

This picture is from last summer. but it reminds me of how i feel right now.

Sunday, June 6, 2010


my wonderful father, (marketing director for frazil/tropical sno), was a little upset with me today. i didn't think it was such a big deal but..i was definitely wrong. in case you didn't know, a sno cone, and a shaved ice, are completely different products. no biggie. apparently, it is a big deal. says,

sno cone; noun; a paper cup with crushed ice over which flavored
syrup has been poured.

shaved ice; .....

ok so shaved ice isn't on but according to dad, a sno cone is a few chunks of ice, not completely crushed, with nasty syrup that goes straight to the bottom of your paper cone. a shaved ice on the other hand, should be soft fluffy snow shaved off a block of ice, with delectable flavoring that is evenly distributed throughout the cup.

after a not-so-short lecture on the differences of these products, i promised dad i would write about it on the blog to clear up all confusion on the subject.
hopefully you've learned something.
and never forget it.


"I Can Tell That We Are Gunna Be Friends"

A boy.
A Girl.

Living in the same neighborhood.
Went to Youth Conference.

Became great friends.
Danced multiple rain dances.
Baked 7 professional cakes.
Walked up from the rec center everyday of the school year. In rain, snow, or hail.
Drank over 50 frazils.
Packaged thousands of cups and lids.
Caught the "Lisha Beast".
Got pulled over.
Ate Wendy's Chicken Sandwiches at least once a week.
Were in the same seminary class all year long. That means both semesters.
Became Sister Browns favorite students.
Went to prom.

Good thing we went to Youth Conference

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Ain't it the truth. This is what I have been doing all summer. Chalking. So if you find your favorite water tower or driveway covered in colors, just know that it was me.
Sincerely yours,

Friday, June 4, 2010

Employee's of the Month

A phone ring woke me up from my morning slumber. It was Dave Sherman. Guess who had interviews at tropical sno in twenty minutes? We did. The interview went as follows.
"So... do you guys have any job experience?"
"Uh huh."
"Good! When can you guys work?"
So there you have it. Hired. On the spot.

If you wander down to the PG Maceys in a few weeks you will see us there! Jolly and employed. And if you bring a few bucks with you, we might be able to hook you up with a Sno cone.
Here are some flavors to think about buying:
  • Lovers Delight- for those of you in sweet relationships.
  • Fuzzy Navel-if you're feeling adventurous.
  • Sunrise-for those early birds.
  • Rock N' Roll- for the oldies that need some pizazz in their lives.
  • Citrus Cooler-for the junior high children that think they're too hot to handle.
Those are just a few of the endless flavor concoctions and combination's to choose from. Let the games begin.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cross Your Fingers

What sounds better than sitting in an air conditioned sno shack, while saving people from the blistering heat with the cold, icy goodness of a sno cone? Doing all that while slurping one down yourself. Sign me up Sherman.

Convincing eh?
The big boys down at Tropical Sno headquarters think they're pretty durn funny.
Cut the crap. Hire us already.