Wednesday, July 28, 2010

marshmallow mates

Boredom may lead to this.
the painting of 16 Jet Puffed marshmallows.

Harry Potter Marshmallow. Of course.

Evan & Diana

Monday, July 26, 2010

prize winning baby blog

The birth of our blog was not that long ago and guess what we won?
this puppy.


1: Send a warm, cyber hug to whoever awarded you with a nice shout out.
2: Flatter yourself and tell the entire world that you have been awarded, followed by seven unique things about you.
3: Pass along this heart-warmer of an award to your favorite blogs.

We were pretty stoked about this award. thanks mallory strauss.

Us unique? not really. but here we go.
1. we are harry potter obsessed. we practically have it memorized.
2. drive to school in a truck named Leon and jam out to hard core rap.
3. someday we will open a cake shop. once we get a bit more practice and training. culinary school?
4. we are currently in the process of a writing two self-help books. We will let you know when they hit the book shelves.
5. Sister Erica Brown is our hero.
6. we are willing to drive the extra miles for a better cup of frozen yogurt. If that means St.George, so be it.
7. last but not least, we are...

The Chalk Bandits

check out our work
others have also been hit with some chalk.
if you have been chalked and are mentioned above, consider yourself one of our favorites.
the award goes to you.

Evan & Diana

ps. We are also not the only people who have participated in these acts. Others have been involved.


We made some new friends over the past few weeks.
Give it up for

Megan Abel
Kelsey Waters

Megan was first. She came to my fire one night and we became friends. maybe more? We are in a love triangle. She also visited us at work and needs to be recognized as a Noteworthy Visitor. Then we went to youth conference and the days she was there, we hung out. latched. you know, the usual.

Kelsey came to be our friend at all of youth conference. She was in my company and we hit it off. Our same interests include: chalking, harry potter, and checking each other for tacos. Diana would ditch her group just to hang out with us.

hopefully these friendships will last.


I have been gone. away. on vacation.
to california!

Day One.
Huntington beach.
Day two.

Shopping at the Irvine Spectrum

Night two.

Downtown Disney.
We went to the lego shop of course. I was happy to see that they had made a larger than life version of woody...

even though i'm not smiling in this picture.

We also went to some disney stores.

and dress up like the Mad Hatter.

Day three.
the beach again.
This is at Crystal Cove. It's a pretty sweet beach near Newport.

There are alot of old beach houses.
One day I will live in one.

Ps. I'm going to paint my wall like the yellow-green wall to the left.
I like it alot.

Day four.
Universal Studios
We don't have any pictures from there but after the park we went to a shopping center outside.

All in all it was a great trip.
See you in seven months California.


Monday, July 12, 2010

how drunk is you?

yesterday evan and i attended a different ward than usual.
we went to hear our dear friend speak in her singles ward.
this ward also happens to be miss amanda mccollums ward. no big deal.
our friend's talk was good. very good in fact. i was impressed.
but the young man after her. not so much.
he was entertaining to say the least. really made you stay awake.
he compared the lord to a magic eight ball.
can't say i've heard that one before.
definitely one of the top ten most bizarre things i've heard over the pulpit.

apparently since i'm gradeeated, i gotta get married real fast. or at least evan seems to think so.
he nudged me hard every time a man even looked in our general direction.

oh, remember that returned missionary that i crushed on in junior high?
and accidentally stalk?
yeah he goes to that ward. of course. that was weird.
we kept looking at each other at the same time.
make eye contact. quickly look away.
you know how it goes.

i rather enjoy going to different wards. it spices things up.
we like this ward. and will probably find ourselves there again soon.


Sunday, July 11, 2010

Noteworthy Visitors

Work can be lame sometimes.

but other times people come to give you some company.

so here is a shout out to all of you who visit the shack not only to buy a shave ice but to make our job interesting.

Megan Baldridge
Mardi Thomas
KC Miller
Mallory Strauss
Lindsey Davis
Jennifer Lockhart
Lucky Star (Sarah Cooper)
Darcie Hill
Mark and Maggie McDonald
Ashley Anderson
McKenzie Lowry
Jo Donaldson
Clari Gann
Cailey Haynie
Brock Duclos
Tiffany Ing
DJ Simpson
Kyleigh Holt
Ashlee Schroeppel
Bekah Webster
Missy Caldwell
Lauren Bellon
Lexi Owens
Summer Jones
Tessa Sheffield
Cassie Farley
Sharon Ovalle
Kassie Hymas
the old man in the wheel chair who is always there to buy his pina colada shave ice

Thanks for supporting us chaps

Also. If you didn't make the list, this is a problem. Come down and visit us in the PG Macey's parking lot. We will have a killer time.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Chinese Proverb

She came up and asked for small.
She wanted three flavors. Bubble gum, blue berry, and pina colada.
and she wanted her shave ice. quick.
I knew she was going to be hard to please.

She was a old chinese lady.

As I was making it she began to tell me how.

"Don't pile on like a mountain!"
I was only filling the cup up with the perfect amount of sno.

"Press harder"
There is a certain technique that is needed for a good tropical sno. and smashing the sno down isn't apart of that technique.

"Not to much! Not to much! That too sweet!"
I have made over a hundred shave ices by now and know how much to pour into one shave ice.

I'm so glad that she knows how to make a tropical sno though. because I don't?


"So here's my problem..."

You know that you are in for a treat when two women walk up to the shack strutting their high fashion merchandise and one says, "So here's my problem..."
She began to explain how she found a free shave ice coupon in the bottom of her cart but had placed her water bottles on top so she couldn't get to it anymore. I told that I believed her and made her a free small shave ice.
Her friend walked up next. and our conversation went as follows.

"Do you have bahamarama?"
"Is that on our list of concoctions? Then no."
"What the he**!"
"Do you know what is in Bahamarama? I can probably make something like it for you." I asked.
"Well there is pina colada and something red... you know what. I just want a tigers blood."

After I had finally made both of them happy they walked away.
Thanks for coming ladies. but next time you swear at me, please, leave a tip.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

delta x prime

urgent news.
as many of you know, ap scores are here!
i suffered through calculus all year.
but guess what. it paid off!
i got a


on the ap calculus test!
mr. palmer was right. i can pass the ap calculus test.


"There's nothing cooler than telling your friends that the stain on your shirt is tigers blood."

The heat in the shack was abnormally high. After my fourth shaved ice a customer finally showed.

"Can I have a large Tigers Blood?"
"Sure thing."

I took his four dollars and waited for his shaved ice to be finished. The last drop of syrup was added and Hailey handed him his delicious tropical sno. He went to grab it when hailey's hand slipped. Time slowed down as I saw the fluffy sno fall down the shirt of our only customer.

"O my gosh! I'm so sorry!" hailey exclaimed.

I panicked and grabbed about twenty napkins. I sorta just threw them at him because I didn't know what else to do. He started to wipe off himself but the stain was already set into place.
We haven't seen him since.

Friday, July 2, 2010

i'm alive. i swear.

as you guys may have noticed, we haven't posted in a long time.
i have stayed busy.
with these things
  • work.
  • being disappointed by Avatar.
  • chalking.
  • my little brothers birthday! happy birthday ian!
  • the pg pool.
  • waiting for celeste to get 12 inch straws.
  • watching celeste get in trouble for not getting a 12 inch straw.
  • making new friends. shout out to brandon dennison.
  • chatting in backyards.
  • planning boating trips.
  • watching the princess bride.
  • reading harry potter 7. again.
  • and again.
  • watching the new harry potter trailer. again.
  • and again.
summer is great.


ps. yogurt bliss is classy. reeaaaall classy.
and the stories from work are piling up. so i need to find time to post them.
also. brazil. l o s t.