Monday, July 26, 2010

prize winning baby blog

The birth of our blog was not that long ago and guess what we won?
this puppy.


1: Send a warm, cyber hug to whoever awarded you with a nice shout out.
2: Flatter yourself and tell the entire world that you have been awarded, followed by seven unique things about you.
3: Pass along this heart-warmer of an award to your favorite blogs.

We were pretty stoked about this award. thanks mallory strauss.

Us unique? not really. but here we go.
1. we are harry potter obsessed. we practically have it memorized.
2. drive to school in a truck named Leon and jam out to hard core rap.
3. someday we will open a cake shop. once we get a bit more practice and training. culinary school?
4. we are currently in the process of a writing two self-help books. We will let you know when they hit the book shelves.
5. Sister Erica Brown is our hero.
6. we are willing to drive the extra miles for a better cup of frozen yogurt. If that means St.George, so be it.
7. last but not least, we are...

The Chalk Bandits

check out our work
others have also been hit with some chalk.
if you have been chalked and are mentioned above, consider yourself one of our favorites.
the award goes to you.

Evan & Diana

ps. We are also not the only people who have participated in these acts. Others have been involved.

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