Friday, July 2, 2010

i'm alive. i swear.

as you guys may have noticed, we haven't posted in a long time.
i have stayed busy.
with these things
  • work.
  • being disappointed by Avatar.
  • chalking.
  • my little brothers birthday! happy birthday ian!
  • the pg pool.
  • waiting for celeste to get 12 inch straws.
  • watching celeste get in trouble for not getting a 12 inch straw.
  • making new friends. shout out to brandon dennison.
  • chatting in backyards.
  • planning boating trips.
  • watching the princess bride.
  • reading harry potter 7. again.
  • and again.
  • watching the new harry potter trailer. again.
  • and again.
summer is great.


ps. yogurt bliss is classy. reeaaaall classy.
and the stories from work are piling up. so i need to find time to post them.
also. brazil. l o s t.

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