Monday, July 12, 2010

how drunk is you?

yesterday evan and i attended a different ward than usual.
we went to hear our dear friend speak in her singles ward.
this ward also happens to be miss amanda mccollums ward. no big deal.
our friend's talk was good. very good in fact. i was impressed.
but the young man after her. not so much.
he was entertaining to say the least. really made you stay awake.
he compared the lord to a magic eight ball.
can't say i've heard that one before.
definitely one of the top ten most bizarre things i've heard over the pulpit.

apparently since i'm gradeeated, i gotta get married real fast. or at least evan seems to think so.
he nudged me hard every time a man even looked in our general direction.

oh, remember that returned missionary that i crushed on in junior high?
and accidentally stalk?
yeah he goes to that ward. of course. that was weird.
we kept looking at each other at the same time.
make eye contact. quickly look away.
you know how it goes.

i rather enjoy going to different wards. it spices things up.
we like this ward. and will probably find ourselves there again soon.


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