Saturday, July 10, 2010

"So here's my problem..."

You know that you are in for a treat when two women walk up to the shack strutting their high fashion merchandise and one says, "So here's my problem..."
She began to explain how she found a free shave ice coupon in the bottom of her cart but had placed her water bottles on top so she couldn't get to it anymore. I told that I believed her and made her a free small shave ice.
Her friend walked up next. and our conversation went as follows.

"Do you have bahamarama?"
"Is that on our list of concoctions? Then no."
"What the he**!"
"Do you know what is in Bahamarama? I can probably make something like it for you." I asked.
"Well there is pina colada and something red... you know what. I just want a tigers blood."

After I had finally made both of them happy they walked away.
Thanks for coming ladies. but next time you swear at me, please, leave a tip.


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