Tuesday, June 15, 2010

marcus robert

my little brother is pretty durn cool.

i'll admit, at times, i was slightly worried for him. growing up as the only boy with four sisters can be rough. but I think he's gonna be ok. mostly because my dad makes sure that he knows everything about every sport there is. and he plays them all too.
i admire his ambition. he has his whole life planned out.
he'll play every sport in high school, (and plans on being the star of every team)
he'll get good grades so he can get a scholarship to BYU.
(his words, not mine)
he'll play football at BYU, and probably basketball too.
he will go on a mission, Spanish speaking, because my mom would love if one of us learned her native tongue.
then, he will get married in the temple, and have 6 boys.
and live happily ever after.

so I made the last part up. i don't know how many kids he wants to have. but I'm sure he'll want boys.
but still. he's planned his life out farther than I have. and i'm 9 years older than him. my goodness. i need to get a move on.

he's a pretty talented child. he's real good at sports, just started playing piano and the cello. also, he plays the ukulele.

what a stud.

plus also. he's super funny. makes me laugh erryday. he came up to me the other day and we had the following conversation. i about peed.

marcus: did you know I'm growing a mustache?
diana: cool bud....
marcus: i also have some chest hairs!
he promptly ran through my home flailing his arms and yelling,
"i'm going through puberty!"

yep. he'll do just fine in high school.

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