Wednesday, June 23, 2010

summer. i am content with you.

evan goes to scout camp.
my family and his go to seven peaks.
mckenna and i get crushed repeatedly by tubes in the lazy river.
we have fun with our new friend john the lifeguard.
he has an abnormally deep voice.
and says our brains will bake if we go underwater in the hot tub.
his name isn't really john. i am convinced.
boys wink at me. four times.
colleen and i almost tip inside the cave in.
we lay out. and burn.
colleen takes me home. and we talk about weddings.
she can probably plan mine.
that was a good day.
evan. feel free to come home now. please.


  1. dude! were you at seven peaks today too?! me and jo were!!!

  2. it is official. I found IN DA SHACKKK.
    nice you two!