Friday, June 18, 2010

are you getting fresh with me?

i like when it's jo's birthday. so evan and i have a good reason to bake a cake.
i like going to macey's and only buying a small box of blue jello, one tootsie roll, and a pack of gum.
i like when we throw a weird smelling blanket on jo's head the second she walks in the door.
i like finding fun disneyland rides on a corner. and riding them.
i like when we go bowling and i get 5 gutter balls in a row.
i like when i can only get a strike when no one is around to see.
i like when all the girls have to use bumpers. but evan and brendan are real men.
i like singing love drunk at the top of my lungs with evan and cailey. when there's no music.
i like walking into jdubs and seeing a certain handsome returned missionary that i crushed on in junior high. and probably he thinks i stalk him.
i like fries and hot fudge peanut butter shakes.
i like when brendan is trying to move his feet away from cailey's foot advances, but he ends up playing footsie with me instead.
i like cailey. she's all about getting fresh.
i like when evan and cailey almost kiss awkardly in leon. while i'm driving. it's uncomfortable.
i like when we go to the tower. and we have to go down the slide in a train in case there's a hobo at the bottom.
i like singing miley cyrus and when cailey gets fresh with the pole.
i like wednesdays.


  1. evan
    who is cailey, and why have you not told me that you almost kissed her? You are dead!
    and while I am at it Diana - who is this missionary that you are crushing on? Tell me now!!