Thursday, June 10, 2010

'Arry Potta

We are obsessed. completely, and utterly obsessed. with these folks.

because of these books

We have envied these characters lives for quite some time now and wrote a bucket list of things we would do if we could spend one day in their shoes

1. Be sorted by "the sorting hat."
2. Take Potions, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, etc.
3. Fly on a broom preferably "firebolt."
4. Take a midnight trip to the forbidden forest with hagrid.
5. Enjoy butterbeer at the three boomsticks.
6. Sneak into the prefects bathroom to use the bathtub.
7. Attend a Quidditch match and scream my guts out while wearing a lion head.
8. Watch a triwizard tournament in person.
9. Fall in love with a weasley.
10. Meet fluffy, the three headed dog. When it's asleep of course.
11. Visit Dumbledores and Dobbys grave.
12. Find Voldemort and Hedwigs body.
13. Ride on a hypogriff.
14. Attend a Yule Ball.
15. Find the chamber of secrets and take basilisk fangs from it.
16. Get a wand from Olivanders.
17. Have contests to see who can get closest to a dementor without getting kissed.
18. Be involved with D.A.
19. Go to Godric's Hollow.
20. Wear Harry's invisibility cloak.
21. Torture Umbridge with an unforgivable curse.
22. Get Bellatrix to teach us all of her moves.
23. Make an Unbreakable Vow.
24. Find out what Death Eaters are up to now that Voldemort is dead.
25. Have a conversation with Luna Lovegood and dress up, like everyday is halloween.
26. Try out for the Quidditch team.27. Give someone a love potion.
28. Figure out what my patronus is.
29. Whip up a Felix Felicis.
30. Visit the shrieking shack through the whomping willow.

That is just a few of the things we would want to do in the Wizarding World
Speaking of Wizarding World guess where we are going?!

We don't know when yet but we will go. We will get sorted, be chosen by wands, and drink butter beer. We are thinking of going for spring break next year. Not thinking. Planning. Anyone else in?

Diana is reading the seventh book for the 5th time.
"I just pick up new things everytime I read it, it's like reading the scriptures." -Diana
The new movie trailer came out! We're super stoked. and counting down the days.

We love you, 'Arry Potta. and your friends also.

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