Sunday, June 6, 2010


my wonderful father, (marketing director for frazil/tropical sno), was a little upset with me today. i didn't think it was such a big deal but..i was definitely wrong. in case you didn't know, a sno cone, and a shaved ice, are completely different products. no biggie. apparently, it is a big deal. says,

sno cone; noun; a paper cup with crushed ice over which flavored
syrup has been poured.

shaved ice; .....

ok so shaved ice isn't on but according to dad, a sno cone is a few chunks of ice, not completely crushed, with nasty syrup that goes straight to the bottom of your paper cone. a shaved ice on the other hand, should be soft fluffy snow shaved off a block of ice, with delectable flavoring that is evenly distributed throughout the cup.

after a not-so-short lecture on the differences of these products, i promised dad i would write about it on the blog to clear up all confusion on the subject.
hopefully you've learned something.
and never forget it.


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