Monday, June 14, 2010


10:30 rolled around and I got a creepish text that says, Are you awake? I had been watching all of my favorite Food Network shows that only come on television sunday nights, so I was up. Outside was parked a green car with organ music blasting out of the windows. I got in the car. Right then another passenger started telling me to eat the cookies that they had given me.
They smelled great. But tasted... well lets just say I only had one bite before my mouth went numb. They said that the cookies were homemade with love. One of the bakers had even gotten burnt in the process. I felt something gurgle in my stomach but I'm pretty sure it wasn't love.
My trip to the car was almost over when they wanted me to go with them to torture other children with the terrible cookies that they had made. I obliged. A few minutes later we had arrived at another chaps house. He was then forced to eat the cookies as well. and hated them. The driver and other passenger happened to love them. After listening to Nacho Libre noises we kicked the new comer out and i was finally taken home. It was 11:45. A whole hour spent with my kidnappers. I have to say that I enjoyed it. So thanks for the cookies ladies. It's the thought that counts. But next time how about I help you bake them? and the creepy organ music isn't doing anything to boost your popularity.

- Evan

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  1. Well we tried. I'm glad you enjoyed it. We will definitely let you help us bake them next time!