Monday, August 9, 2010

Zoooooooeeyyy Momma!

Will go down in the books. As a real good day.Reasons why?

1. Visited "The Tower"We really like that place.

2. Searched through Harry Potter for our bucket list

3. Ate popsicles

4. Trespassed at a pond

5. Saved a scooter from drowning

6. Went to Diary of a Wimpy Kid for free

7. Waited in line for said movie for no reason

8. Searched mercilessly for a frozen yogurt joint that was open past 10 o'clock

9. Found one

10. Went to Provo for it. Yozone was worth the drive

11. Payed completely in change using Diana's tip money

12. Attempted playing Wicked on the Piano. Evan attempted. Diana played

13. Made up code names for crushes and such.

14. Leon protected Evan's moms bike from being stolen.

15. As always puddles came along for the ride

Thursdee was a good day.

1 comment:

  1. Diana, you went to my playground without me? SHAME.